• Let It Snow!

    This post is part of the Renaissance holiday blog roll! Find out what it’s all about here! This story is one of the favourites in the pile of holiday fiction that I’ve written about my boys (Also known as the Muses/the Bastards). I hope that it brings some warmth and laughter into your life as it did to my friends when I wrote it.

  • book and coffee

    I”ll Be In My Book Nook

    My health has been precarious this past few months. Heading into November it was getting better, but NaNo really hit me hard. It is very hard to type with one arm screaming blue murder.That and I felt disconnected from the book. Totally disconnected from the story that I was trying to tell. Between the pain and the disconnection, I decided to step back from NaNo. I really wanted to get it done this year, but I needed to step back. I’ve also stepped back from a lot of my social media. It’s all on my own schedule now. I am not going to adhere to someone else’s schedule right now.…

  • I am Broken

    It is said that when you’re not supposed to do something, no matter how much you want it, the universe will send you hints – from physical hints (like pain and a gut feeling you’re wrong), to Murphy’s Law being the rule of the day. Well, I’m here to admit I’m broken. I have been various assorted ways of broken in my life since I was 12 at least. My brain has some serious issues with serotonin, dopamine and nor-epinephrine.Puberty triggered an array of mental health bullshit that took over 20 years to deal with, to get the proper help. But, I am broken, I can’t deny that. I have…