A Desert Song Amy M. Young


You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m Amy M. Young (you can call me Amy). I’m a writer, photographer, musician and general geeky/nerdy person with a permanent case of wanderlust.

I’m the mother of the Kidlet, and all my parenting adventures with her are available over at Shiny Mommy.

I also deal with, and advocate for, ending the stigma around mental illness and invisible illness. I often speak of my journeys in learning to deal with ADHD-PI, anxiety issues and my chronic pain from both fibro and spinal injury.

When I’m writing, my main project is the adventures of a merry band of idiots, er, musicians in a band called Torrent. I also write some feminist speculative fiction and have this fantasy novel that I’m working on as well. (Also, if you’ve noticed the extra “u”‘s in things – I’m an unapologetic Canadian.)

So please enjoy your stay and check out the blog, where all the fun stuff happens. You can also check out my other stuff on the web by clicking on my social media links.