Testing, Testing, is this thing on?

/ November 10, 2022/ Vlog

Just wanted to test that this works before putting up the next bits. Now, All Access, the normal vlog episodes, will be on YouTube, so make sure you’re subscribed here. These episodes will not be there, ever. Mostly because I have been threatened with my channel being shut down, in what amounts to a harassment/smear campaign.

Radio Silence

/ March 9, 2022/ Life and Things

It has been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to update here, and it’s been radio silence about a lot of creative things for me. In part, this has been because of my own health – both mental and physical. But there have been a mess of other reasons why, and it is past time to be discussing them.

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Updates – Backstage Pass/All Access

/ November 3, 2021/ Creative Things, Life and Things, Podcast

No, I ‘ve not forgotten about them. Updates! The big part of why they’ve not been seeing updates is that we’ve had some major construction going on, and because of the sheer level of bass and other sound, I’ve not been able to get anything done that does not sound like utter crap. Yes, I have sound dampening around my

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