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Girl standing in the middle of a foggy road, looking off in a different direction

Looking for direction

It seems to be this time of year. I find myself in a mental quandary. I’m looking for direction from that lump in my skull. Sadly, all it does is remind me that I had so many ideas at one point, and right now, I’m so overwhelmed that I feel like I’m frozen and spinning […]

Frustration and Writing

Some days writing is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever attempted. I’ve sung solos in front of large crowds, performed leads in plays, and I never¬†ever have had the level of frustration that writing gives me.¬† I feel like that scene in The Simpsons where Bart is teasing his teacher with the yoyo. It makes […]

Adjusting Expectations

I’ve had to really adjust my expectations lately. I had been sleeping well, and then I had a dream that I woke from in a panic attack. This has thrown me off kilter enough that I haven’t been sleeping well since then. Do I really want to talk about it? No. There isn’t anything I […]