I have presented on several panels ranging from Anime to WordPress.

WordCamp Ottawa 2019

Photo by Chad Smith

WordPress and Accessibility

WordCamp Ottawa 2014

Creating a Child Theme.


Costuming Children

Panel Members:  Bridget Landry, Amy Young, Miki Dennis

What are the special joys and challenges of costuming children? How much can or should they help? What are the special considerations for safety and durability you need to consider? We explore these questions with an experienced panel.

A Hands-on Introduction to Electronics and Illumination in Costuming

Panel Members: Kevin Roche, Ron Davis, Amy Young

Adding electronics and/or illumination to costumes used to require a high degree of technical knowledge, but now there are many products available making the process accessible to more costumers. This demonstration will show off some of the available technologies, including some of the exciting new developments in the e-Textiles movement.

A Tale of Two Islands

Panel Members: Ed Fortune, Jade Ka, Helen McCarthy, Amy Young

Just over 400 years ago, an Englishman first set foot in Japan; today, cultural traffic between these two island nations is very much two-way. One area of exchange, as Helen McCarthy explored earlier today in her talk “Dreaming England”, is the depictions of England in anime and manga. Picking up on the ideas raised in McCarthy’s lecture, why is Englishness — in scrupulous period detail, or garishly ersatz mode — so prevalent in anime, in works such as Princess Sarah, Hellsing, and Black Butler? How are such depictions read — and embraced? — in the UK?

From Tsundere to Deredere: Understanding Anime Characters

Panel Members: Juan Sanmiguel, Amy Young, Sakuya, Michaele Jordan

Tsundere, kuudere, genki, deredere: anime and manga characters are often clearly identified types. What are the most common, and most popular? Do they have clear analogues in Western forms — and vice versa, are there clear anime equivalents of Western-style heroic types such as knights — and if not, why? Is it meaningful to “see” these character types in other artforms?

I am also listed in the LonCon3 Programme as on the panel for Queering Anime. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, I was unable to make it to the panel.