Why a Canadian Loves PBS

Typical outdoor antenna of the late 70s / early 80s

Growing up, I was in the generation before cable became standard. Three channels, a large antenna and thankfully PBS.

PBS has been responsible for many stories in my family, as it beamed across the border. Ones about a vortex, Mr. Rogers and robots (vortex and Mr Rogers anecdotes are not related to each other). It was the one channel that I could count on for shows that I liked. Shows like 3-2-1 Contact; Newton’s Apple and of course the venerable  Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow.  Heck, even TVO’s Polka Dot Door got on it (and that’s how I saw it living in New Brunswick in my young years). I could go on and on about the shows that made my youth.
I’m likely one of the few people who got excited to see the WGBH building in Boston.  Yeah, I’m nerdy and I know it.

I really hurt when I heard that the current administration (2017) wanted to defund PBS. If I could offer them a comfy place here in Canada, I would. Maybe they could room with TVO?
My folks weren’t rich. We didn’t have resources anywhere we lived like large cities do (my home town is currently sized at about 13K people, area I grew up in 4K). PBS filled those gaps, and inspired me to keep learning. Today I have a love of NOVA like no one’s business (trust me, I have friends who will agree that Nova is an addiction).

I don’t understand why some people don’t like learning. Yes, I understand learning disabilities. I have a few myself. But killing off a resource that is so amazing (for people on both sides of the border)… well it’s insanity to me.


I guess all I’m trying to say is — I love you PBS. Please don’t go away. (And donate to your local station. Seriously! DO IT)