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Code All The Things

My intention was to spend the week after easter writing. Letting the muses roam free, eating all the muse cookies they wanted.

That didn’t exactly happen. In part because my life is a series of “you want to see the divine laugh? Make plans” moments. Also because in part I spent it dipping my feet back into programming.
I have always loved computers. I have always loved programming. My first brush with it was way back in the day of GW-BASIC (and Watcom Basic) and moving onto QBasic before I jumped into Java. I loved Java. I hated, and still do, the swing class. Also, I have a burning hatred for the old Unisys ICON. I will save you my ramblings about that, because I have enough to write a small book most likely. 
So here I am setting myself up to get back into working on projects for a journaling site. I’m re-learning all the things I used to know by heart. There is a ton of stuff that goes into that, and it’s all mental health related.
I’m enjoying programming once again. And to the teacher who said that women couldn’t get into computers  — a hearty feck you.