Let’s Talk Accessibility

This past weekend (July 13, 2019) I spoke at WordCamp Ottawa about Accessibility and WordPress.

I had some epic nerves, in part due to some personal issues. But it was nice to see such a full room!

Now, I promised that I’d talk about it more here. You can find my slides on SlideShare.

One of the big things I talked about is the WCAG guidelines. The site has the official word on it. The WordPress Codex also talks about it. Unfortunately, they’re extremely technical, and as I had said, the Codex outlines child themes and how to do them, but it’s so indecipherable that even I went “WTF”. For those who are wondering about how to create a child theme I’ve also got my 2014 slides up on SlideShare.

One site that I found helpful, and had wanted to include was this one by Alexander Skogberg, but as my internet connection was being a twit and the graphics in it that I wanted to show, I didn’t include it.

SpeckyBoy has a list that is relatively current of 10 WordPress Plugins that can help with accessibility.

Remember, accessibility doesn’t have to be a chore. Simple things like good descriptions of links and images help immensely to those like myself who are visually impaired.

I have been debating about doing up a podcast or similar about this. If you’d like to see that, please let me know!

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