Life and Things

Adjusting Expectations

I’ve had to really adjust my expectations lately. I had been sleeping well, and then I had a dream that I woke from in a panic attack. This has thrown me off kilter enough that I haven’t been sleeping well since then.

Do I really want to talk about it? No. There isn’t anything I can say that will change what happened. I can only make sure that it never happens going forward (and from what I can glean about it, it’s not going to).  Plus, I’ve learned that when it comes to things like the rule of three or karma – whatever you want to call it – requires a more hands off approach. I’m not exactly pleased about that, but what can you do about it, right?

So, I’m adjusting my expectations. Of myself, of the world, of, well, you name it.

Last week I managed one blog post. I had wanted more done, but things got in my way.

I had hoped to get back to writing, but things got in my way. I’m working on getting things together so that I can. While I don’t feel like I did when I started my writing journey, I’m learning that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We grow, we evolve.

I also am learning to not compare myself to others when it comes to writing. We all have our own creative bents, our own styles.

I am learning.

I am adjusting.