• Office Desk with laptop, lamp, coffee and cactus

    Back in the Office

    I’ve given up on trying to remember how long it has been since we started renovating the room that acts as our office. But, I am finally able to say that it is done. We’re at the “lipstick and mascara” stage of it, which means hanging up pictures and other decorations. The desks are back in, the computers are back on the desks, and while I still have the ability to work from my bed if needed, I am back in the office dealing with the day to day of company business and trying to write the next novel in between wrangling the kiddo. A lot happened in between the…

  • Desk

    From the Desk of Amy – July Update

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  • Sad teddy bear lost in the woods

    Feeling Sad

    Content Warning — discussion of serious health issues and mental health. June 9th, 2020. I doubt I’ll ever forget that date. That’s the date that my mother and father called our little family here and told us that he had been diagnosed with cancer. It’s never a diagnosis that you want to hear. It is very sadly a damn near-universal experience. I don’t know of too many people who haven’t been affected by someone in their lives being diagnosed with cancer. With everything that has been going on in the world, I was already hurting. Having to face the reality that my Dad may not overcome this… I’ll be honest…

  • creative eye

    Creative in a State of Emergency

    Right now, you can’t escape the news about COVID-19. No matter how much you want to. And being creative in a literal state of emergency? How the hell can that happen? Well, for me, getting back to writing has been a bit of a balm on my worried soul. I already have anxiety disorders, and I’ll be honest when I say this whole time isn’t helping that. Writing, however, does. It allows me to get out of my head, to get out of this current time. The second novel in the Rock and Roll Angel trilogy (which you’ll understand why it’s called that when it is done) is set in…

  • feeling happy

    Feeling Happy

    It’s been a while since I’ve really been able to say that I am feeling happy. But here I am. Things are finally to the point where I can start new endeavours and continue with ones I’ve had going before. It’s been a long time since I’ve truly felt this way. I’m not going to say that life is perfect, but it isn’t dragging me down as hard as it has been the past while. I’ve had some news that worries me, but until I know more about it, I’m going to try not to worry obsessively over it all. I’ve also been letting go of things that actively hurt…