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All I Need

It’s no secret that I have had major issues with writer’s block for a long time.

It really got started in 2009 thanks to some unwise words from someone I trusted the opinion of. It’s hard to write new ideas into reality when you’re constantly rewriting the first major project that you finished.

Then came October of last year. In that I learned that anyone who says “I’m just keeping it real” usually means that as cover for being a total asshat. It’s like saying “I’m not racist” and following it up with the most racist thing anyone has ever heard.

So, I decided to make a list and take it to my doctor, who recommended that I go to either no or very low contact with that person. Since then I’ve been in a healing mode, and after having a wonderful talk with family and friends that I care about, and who I know care about me, even when I’m in the middle of multiple issues, the writer’s block seems to be backing down.

One thing I found that seems to be a boon to writing, and actually accessing a lot of emotions that I’ve kept buried since last October, is music. If I put on what I know I was listening to back when I first was writing both the first and second book (and I was crazy enough to burn a CD of the “soundtrack” of it – hey it was the days before Spotify), the characters speak louder than they have in years. I am faced with the fact that in comparison to what I’m listening to now, it can be considered very cheesy. But it works.
Maybe that’s magic, I don’t know. But it is working. In one night I’ve gone from less than a thousand words to over twice that.

I’m tempted to run around screaming “FREEDOM!” a la Bravheart. I just need to get through this book, and then four others…. No I’m not joking. Maybe when I’m done with that, and all my universe is empty of stories to tell, then I can rest peacefully.

And So, I Close with This… Until next week!