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Always A Work In Progress

No large updates on the writing front. I am working as I can, and trying to get myself to the point where I can maintain a schedule. There is progress, and it’s slow and steady. Feeling less and less like hell mentally, which is always a good thing. Now if I had the unbridled optimism that I had over a decade ago, that would be the combination that would make me unstoppable. Last week, the entire fam-jam had the flu, and that made for cranky household from hell.
Not much got done because no one was able to do much. I couldn’t concentrate to get much writing done in anything. I had plenty of ideas, but no steam to get anything done. We also had three tornados wreak havoc on the area, so my energy that I did have was placed into other things. I’m hoping to get pages up about the characters in my first novel soon. I am at the point where I don’t know what you all would like to see. If you have any feedback, I am more than open to it! While I’m working on the new book, I highly recommend you mosey on over and grab a few of Krista’s books. She is a definite treasure and an all around wonderful person. Until next week. May your coffee be strong, your music be metal, and your day wonderful!