Office Desk with laptop, lamp, coffee and cactus
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Back in the Office

I’ve given up on trying to remember how long it has been since we started renovating the room that acts as our office.

But, I am finally able to say that it is done. We’re at the “lipstick and mascara” stage of it, which means hanging up pictures and other decorations.

The desks are back in, the computers are back on the desks, and while I still have the ability to work from my bed if needed, I am back in the office dealing with the day to day of company business and trying to write the next novel in between wrangling the kiddo.

A lot happened in between the last time I was able to post here and now. Some of you may know about this happening. It hasn’t disappeared, but on the advice of professionals, I’m not going to be talking too much about it – other than to reiterate – I’ve never had any interaction with the person, in any form.

I am happy to be back in the office – the new setup and paint are good for my soul.

I wish my family could come to visit and see it, but the reality of our current situation with COVID-19 means that to keep everyone healthy, we’re keeping pretty much to ourselves in a very small social bubble.

As life settles back into a predictable pattern, I’ll be back to Patreon to post patron-only updates and goodies. Despite the rather large speedbumps, I’m going to keep going. Getting back into creating things helps with my mental health and wellbeing, so expect an uptick in that department soon!

Until next time!