Life and Things

Back to the Grind

Yep, it’s time that I get back to the grind and get further than the first thousand words on the second book. Hopefully I’ll have it done before hell freezes over, right? 

Well, it’s slow going so far. To quote Ivanova – I’m in the middle of fifteen things, all of them annoying. 

I have the idea that I know I want to work with, the overall arc, but I still don’t know how the characters are going to get from point a to point b to point c at this point.
I get tempted to create, what some of my friends call, a murder wall.
You’ve seen them. Pictures of important folks in the crimes, locations, news clippings and the like, all connected with red twine of some sort. 

I’ll probably break out the mind mapping software I have at least once before I get too annoyed with myself.  Maybe this go ’round I’ll be able to stick with it. Maybe. Right now I make no promises to anyone.  If I do it digitally, that means no twine to pull a rambunctious toddler out of, right? 

But that aside, I want to get this written. I want to get this out of my head onto paper. I just need time to get things done, and hopefully it will be a bit easier than writing A Desert Song.