book and pen

Book and Pen – on writing again

I have been trying to write daily. Most of the time, I’m successful. I have to keep my ideas about word count out of it, because I have a toddler who takes the top slot in importance. But I’m started on what, really, is the second book of a second trilogy. Each one can stand alone, but each book does build on the one before it.

I also found an old (as in unused, bought a while ago) moleskine notebook, so I have been literally putting the pen to the book and writing there. Also have been using my Livescribe 3 pen and associated books as well.

Anyone who tells you that writing is an easy job – I have a bridge to sell you. There are days where it’s so easy, and others where you sit there and go “Why the frack did I start doing this?”.

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll see the memes that I post. They’re light in spirit, but holy jeebus, they’re true. It’s not always easy, and it’ s not always fun. But I don’t think many of us would trade the bastards inside our heads for the world.