Updates – Backstage Pass/All Access

Amy/ November 3, 2021/ Creative Things, Life and Things, Podcast

No, I ‘ve not forgotten about them. Updates! The big part of why they’ve not been seeing updates is that we’ve had some major construction going on, and because of the sheer level of bass and other sound, I’ve not been able to get anything done that does not sound like utter crap. Yes, I have sound dampening around my

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Updates to Plans…

Amy/ April 9, 2021/ Creative Things, Podcast

Yes, I know it’s been a while. Life has definitely kept me busy. So I wanted to sit down and give you all some updates to my ongoing plans. Backstage Pass is still happening, but we’ve changed some things about it. It’s going to be a podcast and a vlog soon. I am also in the middle of preparing to

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Podcast Plans

Amy/ October 12, 2020/ Creative Things, Tech

I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for years. I had started making plans back in 2011 to do so, and due to my life deciding to take a much different path, I had to abandon them. Now, a decade later (give or take a few months), I’m back to where I was considering it. So I asked if there

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Novel Research

Amy/ March 4, 2020/ Writing

Doing novel research can be, really, novel. Talking about how I am, and have done research for current and past stories that I am or have written.