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Over the weekend, I did a thing. Well, it comes out August 1, but I announced to the world, in my own low-key way, that A Desert Song is finally available.

I know I have a lot more to do, and I will be amping up the noise in the next while but I wanted to do this on my own terms, my own pace.

So, I need to get writing the other books soon, don’t I? Hopefully my life is finally going to settle down into a pattern that I can get things done, now that bad days brought to you by Adobe are pretty much over with.

The summer has really taken a toll on my ability to do a lot. I am very sensitive to the heat, having baked my brains out at a concert in ’07 that shall remain nameless. The humidity is just evil, and while I can handle a more dry heat, I can’t handle pea soup humidity. It’s more than just my hair. It’s everything hurts.

But I am rambling. Time to get into my other hobbies for the week 🙂