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Brains… Brains….

Right now things are starting to calm down.
This is good. It’s not exactly as fast as I’d hoped, but things are calming down. I have been taking time to myself to try to get into a really good headspace – it doesn’t always work, but I am working on it. Think of it like a first draft – you need to practice before you get proficient at things.

So, I have been writing a bit each day. It may not be something in the main line of stories that I’m working on, but I am at least sketching out ideas for when I have more energy or time to work on them. I know of other spoonies who write a physical page a day. Doesn’t matter the amount of words, but they keep writing.

It takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert, but 20 hours or so to learn the basics of it. I also know it is hard to start when you stop something, even if you’re feeling ill (in any sense of the word). It’s great for those who are able to find it within them to pick up and start again, but for the rest of us, it’s not always that damn easy to pick up again. 

I’m in between that amount of hours. And I’m always learning. It’s one of the things that I consider one of my strengths. I love learning. If I don’t know something that I’m asked about, I generally will go out and find out more about it. Sometimes that can lead to a wikipedia rabbit hole. 

But for now, my brains are getting better. I’m working on getting the body healthier as well. It’s all a process. But I am not giving up. That is the important part. Progress is progress, and it does NOT matter how slow you go.