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Building Behind The Scenes

You probably won’t notice it, but I’ve been busy building things behind the scenes. Not going to spring things on folks until later on, but rest assured that I’m more than busy on the cellular level.

I’m also learning how to use software that I’ve had for a while but haven’t used because I didn’t see a point. In a world of planners and pantsers I’m a pantser. I don’t like writing out a whole map to get from point a to b to c. I always had felt that it was more constricting than helpful.

Well here I am on my second book, and I see a need for it.  Yep, I’m willing to change, and I’m open to it. Even when there is a learning curve. 

But, all that said, I am working on getting things done. I do have chronic illnesses and a toddler who has endless energy (seriously, where the hell do they get it from?) so it’s not always easy. I am working on getting my mental health better, and on that front, I feel like I’ve made great strides. It helped to share something that was bothering me with close friends. I had felt that I was losing my mind, because it was something that I had been gaslit over.  I now know I wasn’t losing, and am not currently, losing my mind. 

Until next week, enjoy a blast from the past.