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Busy Writing

I’ve actually been writing, and that’s taken away from the time I’ve had to blog. Oopsie.

I’ve also been busy reclaiming my time. It’s not a linear process, but it is happening, even if it is in fits and spurts.

I’ve learned that making plans tends to be when things go sideways, so I try not to do that and have loose arrangements for things. Right now I’m debating taking you all back in time before pushing through the second book in the Rock & Roll Angel series.

But I’ve been writing, and busy with it. It’s not on my computer or iPad, it’s old school, longhand on paper. It’s taken me back to where I can actually feel the ideas, feel connected to my writing. That’s an important thing right now.

I haven’t felt connected to my writing for a while. It’s been stress, and life in general and just bullshit galore that has my grey matter going “FU, I’m taking the creativity ball and going home!” But, it is getting better.
I’m re-learning how to draw boundaries, and how to reinforce those boundaries. It’s not a fun process, but it is a necessary one.

Now, if you all will excuse me, I have a cat to herd. 🙂