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Do You Wanna Get Rocked?

“Do ya wanna get rocked?”

Def Leppard, Let’s Get Rocked

A few weeks ago (doesn’t feel like it was all that long, really), a wonderful friend of mine visited from the US, and took us all, as a family to see Def Leppard and Tesla in concert at the Canadian Tire Centre (AKA the Corel Centre to all us olds). It was the first music concert for my little miss, and it was an amazing experience to watch her take it all in.

I didn’t listen to Def Leppard while I was pregnant with her (the concert on my birthday in 2015 when she was just a wee tadpole doesn’t count), but somehow this cutie decided she likes Def Leppard. She’s also a little drummer girl (and she does that of her own accord. I haven’t played drums in almost 2 and half decades), and glommed on to Rick Allen as being her drummer hero. Rick has come a LONG way in his life, and his work with Raven Drum/Project Resiliency is something to check out.

So when she got to meet him at the meet and greet, she almost launched herself at him (thankfully my husband managed to see that coming!) and was over the edge excited to meet the rest of them as well.

Now, me being the photographer at heart, I had to grab a few snaps of the action. So they are below. I’ve been arguing with technology since then (and the cold from hell), so it’s taken this long to get them watermarked, posted and ready.

I hope you enjoy them. I didn’t include any of my kiddo enjoying that, as I mostly post those to the Shiny Mommy site.