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Don’t Write For An Audience

Something I’ve been pondering lately, and I know there is a quote out there that says in some way “don’t write for an audience otherwise you’ll never write a single word” but my google-fu is failing horribly lately. It’s very true though. If you think about people reading what you write, you’ll probably get a bad case of stage fright.

It’s been on my mind in more ways than one lately. Once, I had a story arc planned out. Technically you could say that I still do. However, in the intervening years, I’ve lost track of why I want to write. My life has become so complex that untying those knots has become a number one priority. Sometimes I feel that my mental health has been the trade off for my creativity.

Sometimes I feel like I should just hang up the pen and walk away. But then the stories percolate in my mind, and I start over again.

Creativity is a blessing and a curse.