Fiction Friday – The Cigarette

Just some flash fiction to take you into the weekend.




The smoke from his cigarette circled lazily through the air. It had been a crazy week, with a show every night, and a different town every day. The wheels of the bus hummed their monotone refrain, and he felt himself drifting off in thought as they moved along through the heartland, to some other town that he’d have to remember the name of for one night and then forget again tomorrow.


Touring wasn’t as fun as people made it out to be, it was you and your three best friends crammed into a tin can on wheels. If it weren’t for the money some days, he’d have given up a long time ago.


Taking a drag off the cigarette, he thought about how far they had come, and how far they still had yet to go.


Sometimes it was worth it for all the headaches of sharing his life with three other people all the day long. Sometimes, it was hell.