Life and Things

Gone Creating…

I have been gone for a while. Between the usual end of year stuff and dealing with the umpteen million appointments that come with it, I have been concentrating on creating. 

It’s not always writing. I draw, I sing, I (try to) dance. My many interests keep me creating most of the time.  So, while I’m not blogging, I am still working on things behind the scenes. 

Hopefully I  will have something up, holiday fiction wise, this year. I have a few ideas, I just need to sit down and work on them. I think that may be the other big creative issue – so many ideas, so little time to work on them.

I’m also going to be setting a timeline and talking more about the universe that I created. Hopefully fate will work with me there and I can get it done and have some fun things ready for the new year. 

It’s at the point that feel that I’ve found my tribe, so to speak, recently. That I’ve found people who give a damn about me, my creations and my overall health.  Because all three of those are linked. It is a long, hard journey, but I’m not giving up on creative stuff nor the people who have stood beside me.