Happy Birthday Ollie

So, I had a big and introspective post ready for today.

But my subject clearly got derailed because a certain red point siamese got up on my desk and refused to take no for an answer. It’s his birthday, so I figured I’d indulge him.

No doubt you’ve noticed in my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds recurring images of a cat. Yep, his name is Oliver. He’s six years old today. (Today’s featured image is not him)

He’s been my cat since my first cat died not too long after we got him. He made an impact on the ride home and he’s been loving and stinking ever since (yes, I have tried other foods that would make him smell less, no he won’t eat them, and trust me I’ve tried).  He took to my little miss like no one’s business (they’re both gingers) and it doesn’t seem like it has been this long.

He refuses to believe that I need access to my keyboard to do things, and usually plants himself purring and warm on my desk right in the damn way.

So happy birthday you stinky, loving meezer. May we have many more years together!