Hello Summer!

Hello Summer

The hot weather is back, and so are the bugs from hell. That means it is time to say “Hello Summer!”

Summer never has been one of my favourite seasons. I am, despite my Indigenous heritage, pale as hell. I mean pale to the point of being reflective. So I burn, I don’t tan.

I also hate the hell out of the bugs in this season. Because those assholes called wasps? Yeah. They’re everywhere. And no amount of medication for anxiety is going to make me like them.

Despite living in Canada, where I am gets muggy and breathing becomes hard. But I live here because if I moved to Australia, there would be snakes that could kill me, spiders that would give my husband a heart attack and more damn heat. Heat is my enemy. Hell, summer is.

So, I say “Hello Summer!” but also, please be kind. Please spread the sunshine out with some nice rainy days. Because we need rain to balance out the boiling heat. And while I love your longer days, the heat keeps me inside. It’s no wonder that my favourite seasons are spring and autumn.

Now don’t mind me while I go wade in the kiddo’s backyard pool.