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One thing I’ve learned by way of my mother, that she learned from her grandfather (so my great grandfather) is that honesty is the best way to go.

If you don’t lie, you don’t have to remember your story. Sure, one might forget that you talked to someone about something, but, you don’t have to create a web of lies to make up for what was said.

I write fiction. I don’t really have time to create huge stories about my life and what goes on it it. I will be completely honest with you.

I also don’t let a lie become something that I don’t discuss.

I’ll tell you, I was going to self publish what was my second novel, in 2013. I was on the cusp of pulling the trigger and for reasons that I don’t want to talk about, my life went to hell. I have submitted my first novel (with some basic edits) to many places. If/When it gets to published this time (I had interest from a small press waaaaay back in 2009, but yet again, my life went to hell), I’m not going to lie to my friends and followers by omission.

Let’s just be honest about something – writing and going to the traditional publishing way is not for everyone. It’s damn hard, and very very few people make it to the pinnacle of it. Those that do, they’re like musicians and actors that make it to the pinnacle of their professions – they have a combination of luck and talent. I’ve seen some awesome musicians live in poverty, and some of them have given up plying their craft for anything other than a hobby.

Yes, we do this for our readers. We also do it for ourselves. Let’s all be honest with ourselves and our friends and fans.