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How To Fake Lead Guitar… Or Imposter Syndrome

One bad thing about knowing my family tree – I see how many legit talented people I’m related to and sometimes, like this past week, it really makes the imposter syndrome hit hard.

I used to find solace in music, and I know that depression takes that from me. The last week has seen me deal with too much – my child being ill, the stress of dealing with someone else’s mental health when it effects you. My sleep has been hell, because I’ve been listening for the cry of a toddler who had an ear infection.

I write about fictional musicians. There was a time that I would get plot bunnies from almost any damn song. Not anymore, and that bothers me. It bothers me A LOT.

I’ve taken to journalling to help me deal with my hurdles, but I can’t commit to it on the regular because of my life. Ah well, right?

Right now I just want to be able to create again without feeling like I’m the least talented person on the planet.