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I”ll Be In My Book Nook

My health has been precarious this past few months. Heading into November it was getting better, but NaNo really hit me hard. It is very hard to type with one arm screaming blue murder.That and I felt disconnected from the book. Totally disconnected from the story that I was trying to tell.

Between the pain and the disconnection, I decided to step back from NaNo. I really wanted to get it done this year, but I needed to step back. I’ve also stepped back from a lot of my social media. It’s all on my own schedule now. I am not going to adhere to someone else’s schedule right now. I need to get better. Mentally and physically.

The past month has not been easy for me. I lost a part my support network, and that left me fighting with myself about reaching out to other bits of my network. Turns out I should have, but when you’re burned, you don’t trust easily, if ever again.

Part of my healing is getting back to reading. I have at least two books I want to get finished before year end, and maybe, just maybe I’ll pick up the pen again in the new year.