Illness - Teddy bear under blankets with a plaster on his head
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Illness – Bouncing Back…

For the last two months I’ve been quite ill. My lovely daughter brought home every type of virus and bacterial infection she could. While sharing is normally caring, this is one thing that doesn’t need to be shared. I caught every illness she did, and then a few extra just for shits and giggles.

Things that I’ve been working on had to be relegated to the back burner and I have had to focus on recovery from this illness. Now, I’m not fully recovered by any stretch of the imagination. But I am recovering. I am slowly working on getting back to where I was, and trying to not expect too much of myself.

That means all deadlines have been moved. I had hoped to get a book out by end of year this year, but it doesn’t look likely, and I’m not going to kill myself to do it. I want to give my best work to you to read, and that won’t happen if I’m pushing myself to reach an arbitrary deadline that I have control over.

I’ve spent the last two days organizing my office (AKA the writing cave) back to where I can use it again. Two months of being holed up on a couch with a quilt and pillows really didn’t help that. Things got piled up that needed to be organized and put away, and I’m now getting that done.

I’m also working on getting back into creative pursuits that people who are no longer in my life forced me to abandon for the sake of their own egos. Yes, I’m a little salty about that, but I’m working it out.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing here, and in Patron only posts over on Patreon what is planned. I’ve also been working on some short fiction, that I should hopefully be able to publish soon.

So, yes, the first year month of 2020 was a bit of a crapshoot for my health, but I am not dissuaded from finding my peace this year.