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I’m Back

I’m back in your face like I’ve never been away
I’m back in your face and it’s where I’m gonna stay
Like a runaway mack, like a union jack
I’m back

Def Leppard – Back In Your Face

So, for the last while, I’ve not been around. I’ve had a bad spate of both mental and physical health. They’re definitely connected.

But I have returned, and I am feeling a hell of a lot better on all fronts. Things are starting to fall into place, and right now, I feel very good about a lot of things.

One of the bigger issues that I deal with is my creative drive seems to be linked to three things – my physical health, my mental health and what I’m listening to in terms of music.

I have been going on about having issues with creativity for the last five years. I can attribute part of it to getting back to normal after an abusive friendship (mental health – check), and I stopped listening to a lot of music (music listening – check). I actually stopped doing a lot of things that I love, and that was in part due to my fibro attacking my arms and hands (physical health – check). I have missed playing bass, I have missed writing, crafting and so many other things because the pain made it damn near impossible to do it. I would likely have been better off with claws rather than hands.


I am slowly easing back into things. I am trying to organize my life so I don’t have to spend twenty million hours looking for things. Seriously. Don’t ask me about looking for years for the second half of my first novel only to find it in the notes section of Scrivener.

So while I’m feeling well, off into the wild blue yonder.