Three cactus or succulent plants with a Funko Pop Groot
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I’m Feeling Fan-Cactus!

Fairly certain I’m headed towards the title of crazy cactus lady. Now, whether the cacti are crazy or I am is up for debate.

I wholly blame the current pandemic for my abundance of cacti and succulents. I can’t go out, so I’m staying home and growing things. It all started with picking up a rather sickly looking dwarf prickly pear cactus while out getting other plants for our backyard garden.

Once I had one, and watched it grow and flourish, I had to get more, and I managed to rope my spouse into the madness. That original prickly pear cactus has sprouted many new paddles and is growing strong. In all of the plants in the house, we’ve only had two not flourish and grow, so clearly I’m doing something right.

Taking care of them, I was able to take the time to sit down and reflect. Right now, I’ve ended my Patreon. I can’t justify it when everyone, myself included, is having issues. We’re all stressed and depressed and while we’re not all in the same boat, we’re definitely on the same ocean, and it is hard going right now.

I’m still working on creating things. I am just going slowly. I had plans for this year, much like everyone else, and I’ve watched them implode because of the pandemic. But I know I can keep going, and dates will move to accommodate the changing situations. I’ve also set up a Ko-fi page that’ll be adding more to as the days go by.

I hope that the first few days of the autumn season find you well, and that you take care of yourselves. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to take more, or start antidepressant medications. We are not in a “normal” time at all. But taking care of yourself has become more and more important.

Until next time!