Indelible Heroes

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Thank God for Starman and Motorhead
Indelible heroes
The new kid in town in the purple rain
Indelible heroes
What’s there to fill the void?
Pretty much nothing, nothing, nothing

Indelible Heroes – Brother Firetribe

As you can tell, this post is brought to you by a certain Brother Firetribe song.

The past two weeks hasn’t been an easy time. I got very ill, and smack in the middle of that, we had a death in the family. It was very sudden, and the weather made my life hell because we couldn’t make it to the funeral to say our goodbyes, and I wanted to. The person who died had been nothing but respectful to me.

On top of that, I had to sit down and decide if I was going to keep writing or not. Things have NOT been easy lately, and I had to decide if it was worth my time to reclaim my writing and power through.

And you’re asking yourself what does this have to do with the song? I promise, there is a tie in. 🙂

You see, music has always been there for me. No matter what. Happy – there’s a song for that; Sad – song for that; Angry – song for that.

Now, if you’ve read my work, you know that Torrent existed in the mid-late seventies and early eighties. And Brother Firetribe embodies that sound better than most bands I can think of. Indelible Heroes has been on repeat a lot lately as I sit down and sketch out a rough idea of where things are headed for me. And of course one line jumped out at me.

It was your vision, your talent and your dedication

Yeah, things are shitty right now (January 2019 is fucking fired).
But these characters have been in my head for longer than I care to think about. I can’t give up on them now, even if I’m going through a hard patch. Especially because of that.

So, hopefully in this year, I will get more done. I am not giving negative people or things free rent in my headspace.

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