Life and Things

Looking Back

I wish I could do a big retrospective post about this year.

2016 saw the loss of Space Mom, our dear General. This year hasn’t been much better. We lost Penny Marshall and Stan Lee amongst many others.

I guess I’m at the age where the folks I grew up listening and watching are finishing their journeys on this earth.

For myself, it’s been a journey that has me being very introspective. I published a book that I’d begun working on when I was around eighteen, but had seriously sat down to work on in 2006, and had many false starts at publication over the intervening years.

I had a few health struggles this year, but they were lighter than before because of my awesome family doctor. I had a few mental health struggles, but thanks to my awesome mental health team and finding many other supports, I have not suffered as much as I would have, and did, in the past.

I have decided to do the one word focus for the new year. My word, I decided, would be reclaim. I am focusing on reclaiming my time, my life, my reason for being. I am not letting anyone, friend family or foe, interfere with that. I want to be better, in so many senses. I am going to be.

So, from my house to yours.

Let’s extend that middle finger to 2018 and look forward to a better 2019.