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Looking Forward, Looking Back

Looking back at 2020

This year, I had wanted to get so much done. Turns out that I was going to be thwarted by a microscopic, little bastard that was identified as SARS-CoV-2.

This little multipronged bastard managed to put my life on hold. The entire house has been stressed out, and I decided to put my mental health first. So, I cut back on blogging, tried to get my house in order, and just made myself and my family my priority.

I had intended to start podcasting in November. But November brought challenges that made it hard to get the quality product out that I wanted to. So that will be coming January 6, 2021.

This summer brought the challenge of dealing with defamatory content that was dreamed up by someone I’ve never interacted with and reaching out to legal professionals and dealing with that stress. The events that they claimed happened, I can say with brutal honesty, did not happen. At all. But that is something that is being dealt with by higher powers than myself.

The kiddo and schooling, well, to say the least, was a challenge. I’ve talked about it over on Shiny Mommy and I’ll be talking about it more there in the new year.

Given the circumstances, while it wasn’t the best, or even a good year, I am alive, and mostly healthy. The family is alive, and mostly healthy.

Looking Foward to 2021

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to, after we get vaccinated and hopefully to herd immunity, is to see my friends and family once more. I’ve had one person in our bubble who has been a major help with the kiddo. But I have missed my extended family and our vacations with them. And just talking with my chosen family in person.

I will also be talking a lot more here about healthy boundaries, what to do with toxic people in your life and working on resiliency. I’m going to be talking about this from my own perspective and experiences. So, that means from a person who is neurodiverse and has had to deal with this crap from both family and former friends.

The podcast will be talking about that and writing and all the things behind that. I am really looking forward to it. I really can’t express that in words.