My Life in Spoons

No, I’m not talking about the spoons for decor in the movie The Room. I’m talking about Spoon Theory. The link does a pretty good job explaining it, considering it’s pretty much the original article.

Not every chronically ill person subscribes to it. But for those of us who do, our life is measured out in spoons. We are given a finite, yet unknown amount of energy. We have to choose what we spend that energy on. We’re not lazy. We’re not crazy. We’re fighting our own bodies most of the time. Yep, the only thing strong enough to kick our asses is us.

Writing, for me, uses a few that I try to keep aside for those moments where I’ll get to use them. Sometimes. Sometimes they get used for general living.

These spoons though, they’re not just physical energy. They’re also mental energy. We need to deal with the crap that gets thrown on our plates. Some days, there is more than enough spoons for that. Sometimes there is not enough cutlery in the world to take care of it.

All this said, I’m always in a balancing act. It’s never really boring when it comes to life. It can be an epic pain in the butt, but it’s rarely boring. Right now, I’d just like to have enough to get things done the way they should be.