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Pain and Able(ism)

I have written before about invisible disability. My adventures this week have really put me into a bad mind-space. I’m angry and tired of the crap I go through. I’m either not disabled enough for one thing or too disabled for another.

One thing does not change. My pain. I am so tired of being told that it’s all in my head. While, yes, the processes that register pain are in the brain, the source of the pain is NOT in my brain.

Here’s a thought – even (Canadian) government resources are telling me that under 10% of all disability reports are fraud. So, people like myself who are actually disabled, get punished for those, what 10%? I have denied the pain, and denied that I needed help for years. I soldiered on, and now I’m paying for that. Because, at this point, the Canadian health care system is so damn broken that doctors are scared to do anything that might actually help the 90% of us that are in pain and hurting – and I’m not talking about narcotic drugs – I’m talking dealing with insurance and benefits.

I’m angry, and this time I’m going to do something about it. That isn’t a threat, it’s a promise.


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