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Pain in the Back


For a long time, my back has been several shades of screwed up. It has, over the last few years, gotten to the point where the pain is daily, and the nasty icing on top of that is that I’m no longer getting the breaks that I used to – in terms of pain. I used to have stretches of months that I didn’t have pain. Now, I’m lucky if I get two or three weeks. Also, I lose all sensation in my legs, and that has been happening more often.

Yesterday it was the gruesome twosome of pain and loss of feeling. I collapsed twice, and considered having my husband take me to the closest emergency room. Sadly they likely wouldn’t have been able to do much. I’ve a referral for a surgeon, but that is taking its sweet time.

I’m better today but I’m taking time off most social media until I get my brain back into a headspace that I don’t want to just pillage and burn everything in sight.

Send coffee and a gallon drum of painkillers.