Pulling It All Together

Or When Multiple Copies Exist…

I’ve been slowly trying to pull the second book’s opening together again. I can see it in my head like a movie, but I’m having that problem, again, where I can’t get it from my head to my fingers and onto the virtual “paper”. 

Unlike the first book, where I honestly spent three weeks trying to describe a light on the horizon (and ultimately ended up going with the first damn description in the end), this is more of a case of because I started writing it right after finishing the first draft of the first book, I was on a writing high. Now I’m on how the hell do I get time to write this while taking care of a house and a little human who depends on me?

Then I knew where I was going with this. I had a plan, damn it, and I was sticking to it. But, as I have said multiple times – if you want to see the diving laugh, just freaking make plans. Sometimes, I feel like Bruce Almighty is less of a comedy and more that it’s my damn life. Sadly I can’t part tomato soup, and happy endings don’t happen that often in reality.

Parting the Red Soup

Right now, I’m trying to unlearn bad habits, trying to get myself healthier (which is happening, slowly, but it is happening), and trying to decide if I’m going to outline this or just write (the age old pantser v. plotter case). 

And so it goes. Ah, to be my younger, more self-assured self with the wisdom I have now.  But isn’t that how we all feel as we get older? That and wondering what the hell happened?