Rubbish or recycling bin
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Putting it in the bin and starting again…

I’ve been tinkering around with this website and blog for over 9 years. In that time it has gathered a lot of stuff, and seen a lot of changes.

Over the past few days I’ve decided to archive most of the things this site has seen. I’ve put them in a bin and away they went. The things that are left, are things that I wanted to keep visible. Everything is still here, it’s just safely tucked away in the overhead bins until we get to landing… er… a place where I feel like I may want to bring it back out of retirement.

It was the best balance that I could strike between the past and the future. The fiction section is still around, and the books, well, they’re going to be out there some day. They would have been out sooner, but my life, it’s never been what I planned, and I am learning to be okay with that now.

I’m learning to let go of what I can’t control (especially the past), and be happy with what I have. Learning to remove negative things and focus on the positive. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to do. But it is something that I am working on daily.

Thanks for being there and I hope you’ll stay around for what comes next.