Radio Silence

/ March 9, 2022/ Life and Things

It has been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to update here, and it’s been radio silence about a lot of creative things for me.

In part, this has been because of my own health – both mental and physical. But there have been a mess of other reasons why, and it is past time to be discussing them.

So, let’s just jump into things feet first.

My health – well, that’s been touch and go since before the pandemic made things go boom. Between severe pain taking away my sleep, to just my PTSD taking away my sleep, and sleep being the thing that helps me to function within the parameters of being a “responsible adult”… It was not a good scene for a long time. Thankfully, we’ve (we – my mental health doctor, my GP/PCP and myself) have found a solution that allows me to, most of the time, get sleep on a regular basis. Now I’m working on making my back, and overall self, stronger and healthier. It’s a process, and even if I am not disclosing what is going on, there are things happening.

I’ve had a mental block on writing for a long time now. Why, you ask? Well, some of that I’ll be dealing with in an upcoming podcast and vlog. Let’s just say at minimum that stress fucks my ability to be creative. I’ve found myself wondering if I should even bother continuing. I lost my connection to my characters, and any author will tell you, that’s dead frightening. I don’t want this to be a “pity me” moment. I want this to be a moment of clarity as to the external bullshit that has been taking a toll on me since July 2020.

So, that’s how things have been going. My stress level has been, overall, going down. There have been people who have gone out of their way to make sure that I know they care, and that they have and will continue to support me. Things don’t change in situations overnight, and that is what’s going on here.

I’m trying to get back into weekly or by-weekly blogging. I’m still working out details on more things, and that will be updated soon. I promise.

I intend for this to be the end of the great radio silence – the return of a new, better Amy.

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