Life and Things

So, I’ve Been Absent

It was not planned. I had a cold that decided that it was going to try to replace my brains with snot, make me cough up my lungs on the hour, and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t bleed out my eyes.

A friend of mine mentioned that my symptoms sounded like her own cold of death, and guess, what? It’s following her timetable as well. Considering she lives over 4 hours away, I know she didn’t give it to me.

So, I’m on the path to getting better. For me, I need to switch my days of writing for here to Tuesday and Thursday… but right now everything is in flux. The house needs to get itself together and we’ll be functional. Considering we ALL have this damn cold.

Somewhere in the mass of files, I may have an early epilogue to the book my editor is editing, so I’m going to be digging to for that. Multiple computer movies, changes of operating systems and moves have really messed up my ability to keep track of things.

But I’m making progress. Slowly. But progress.