The Creative Debate Continues

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I’ve been debating for a while about pulling my current novel from stores. No, not permanently, but there are some changes that I’ve been debating making for a while now.

You’re probably asking yourself why this even has crossed my mind. When I initially published the book, I was in mid-rewrite for my second book in the series and outlining the main points that I wanted to hit with my third book (the first in ANOTHER series).

Then 2020 happened. It wasn’t the pandemic that made me put the brakes on when it came to my whole writing career – there was a whole other thing that I’m still dealing with, and I will go into in another post in the near future. The pandemic didn’t help – and I know I’m not the only one who is still trying to get back to more “normal” in terms of stress, whether they had COVID or not. 

So, there was that, and wanting to remove some content that really doesn’t add anything to it (like that fucking epilogue that was forced upon me) and a few other things to make it flow with the next book in a more organic way. Things like:

Do I release this as a second edition?

Do I completely pull it, and just start fresh(ish)?

Right now, I haven’t made a final decision as there are things that need to be talked about and done behind the scenes before I jump to anything. I want to be in the right place mentally before I take on this project again – because if I do what I have in mind, it’s a LOT of work to put into something, along with a day job, and being able to properly manage my stress and other aspects of my mental health are paramount.

So, stay tuned. There is a lot coming up, and I can’t wait to share more with you!