The Great Parabox: Packing vs Unpacking

person putting a stack of books inside the cardboard box
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Why is it that packing is easier than unpacking (and yes, today’s blog title is brought to you by me watching way too much Futurama)?

I’m in my new studio space and I’m still unpacking. Packing for me is easier – I can use my organization skills to get things into boxes that, in theory, should be easier to unpack because they are sorted into categories. But reality has a way of fucking with that, doesn’t it? The whole good intention to hell road paving process.

I’m slowly working on a whole bunch of projects for the new year, and over the holiday I’ll be sitting down and trying my best to work out a schedule that won’t leave me burned out. I wish I could guarantee some holiday fiction as well, but, this isn’t the year for it, for me. There are just too many things on the go both that are in my control and not. Hopefully next year!

Now, I’m going to get back to unpacking those boxes. Hopefully I can find the one with my mind, because those are damn hard to replace. 😉