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Torn To Shreds

So, I’m working on the second book. My hands are full with so much right now that I’m amazed I have time to type this out.

Of course, I listen to music as I write, and this song kept coming up when I wrote the first bit of the first draft. It felt then, and feels now, like a good summation of the main character’s feelings.

It’s also how I have felt in writing. People who claim to have had good motives end up tearing me to shreds. Despite what might be said, I am a resilient person (my doctor says so 😉 ). It is sometimes so hard to keep going when you feel like your life is falling apart around your ears.

Resilience is something that the second book actually tackles. There are twists and turns that are going to test relationships and personal mental strength. A few new supporting characters are going to be fully introduced, and dynamics are going to change.

There are parts that I pull from my own direct experience, and dealing with the crud they pulled up was hard. But, I have a story to tell and people to piss off yet.

And if you’re interested in hearing a playlist of the songs that hit hardest when I wrote the first draft, you can find it here.