Upcoming Plans and Updates!

Upcoming Plans

I have some updates on upcoming plans. This is going to be a longer than normal entry, so you’ve been advised in advance. I’ll put as much as I can under a cut, but I’ve got a lot to talk about here.

First thing is, I’ll be testing out some video hosting here. I have a vlog that I want to post, and as I had said on Twitter, I trust my host more than I trust YouTube when it comes to this. Not that there is anything that goes against YouTube’s TOS, more that I have faith in my host here to be able to deal with delusional nuisances who have been the second blocked person in this site’s fifteen-year history.

Once that I know the site can handle the video, I’ll be posting it here. Most of the vlogs will be posted to YouTube, on my channel. I’ve got some other things up my sleeve there, but I’ll talk more about them as I get closer to launching them. I will be releasing the podcast in the next few weeks because my child means more to me than content creation, and with the ever-changing schooling situation with our province, well, extraordinarily little time for content creation.

Secondly, you may have noticed that I’ve downplayed my writing for the duration of the pandemic. The reasons why are too many to discuss here, but they include the reality that a lot of us are just worn out and stressed like hell. I’ve also had a major disconnect from my creative side. How could I really concentrate on writing when I had larger things to deal with? When I had issues with my mental health meds, especially sleep?

orange cat sleeping on white bed

Well, that is no longer really a worry, we’ve found a good combination of meds that really helps me, and with therapy, I’m breaking down old (and not so old) traumas and as I am reminded every time I talk to my therapist – I have become a very resilient person, and that I know when and how to ask for help now.

In writing, the good news is that the bastards are back. The bad news is that they’re being their usual selves – as much as figments of my imagination can be. Hopefully, that means the return of short fiction being posted here or a few other places. I’m guardedly optimistic about that, and I am looking forward to sharing more information with you about that. Also, in related upcoming plans, it looks like I’ll be reissuing the first book in the Rock and Roll Angel series. There are so many things that I need to solidify there, so again, I’ll give updates as I can.

You’ll also have noticed a gradual branding change. I am trying to move away from just pink and black as my colours, and the very stark look. I may be rock and roll, but you’ve also got a bit of punk for spice in there. I’m not going to drop the changes over night, and hopefully they’re not too stark. But I’m trying to be truer to myself, my authentic self – and that’s a topic for another post in the future.

So, I’ll end here. Take care of yourselves, stay safe, stay happy and remember – even if you don’t feel it right now – you are important, you are loved and you are needed.