rains on water
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When It Rains…

I swear, when it rains in my life, it pours.

I have been trying to get things done, and people who say they care about me, well, they’ve basically shown that they don’t because they’ve not kept up with the major news in my life. I don’t have time for people who are fake as hell anymore. I am so tired of people who are two faced.

My husband had surgery and that has kind of consumed my life for the last little while. He’s okay, but even minor surgery is a pain in the butt (or wherever the surgery was).

So my writing is on hold for a while, because I have a nuclear powered toddler, and I’m actually surprised that I’ve gotten the time to put fingers to keyboard to get this post done (I may have spoken too soon. She has noticed that I’m doing something)…

But beyond the metaphor, the rain is falling outside and I love the sound of it. In my chaotic life, it’s a small amount of calm.