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When They Live…

Yesterday, on my personal page, I posted a Tumblr post image. I also posted it to my own page, so it is there as well.


It got a few of us talking. Sometimes it’s like they are there, they are sentient. I mean, we know they’re just figments of our imaginations, but sometimes they are demanding more than figments of our imaginations should be.

Ask any writer, and I’m sure they’ll tell you of at least one time that they could almost feel their characters stares drilling into their heads. (It’s the “C’mon, write me dammit” look).

Lately, as my pain has been receding, the bastards are speaking up again. They know better than to invade my head when I’m at 8 on the pain scale. I will go after them with a lit q-tip.

As it has been said by one of the greats – we’re just a bunch of people trying to be one person.