Working – An Update


It’s been a long while since I’ve had the chance to sit down and update what is going on. I have been working, as much as you don’t see it right now.

Life decided that I could handle several days at once, and while I have come out the other side battered but unbowed, as it were, I’ve had to delay the podcast, which makes me upset at myself. So, I’ll be working on getting the next update up as soon as I can.

I’ve had to take some time to recharge my internal batteries and just deal with a whole bunch of things.

I’m still getting my posts about boundaries and toxic people together, and I’m still working on books. I am working on being better than I was yesterday, and just being a good human. I know that I can only control me and my responses and at this point in life, most of it is going to be getting the response of silence. It’s not that I don’t see the toxic behaviours, and bullshit doesn’t go unnoticed, but responses to anyone who is committed to twisting everything and misunderstanding me isn’t worth my effort.

It’s been about a year since we went into COVID precautions, and yes, it’s still had an excessive impact on my life. Like all of us, I am stressed and looking forward to when we’re able to visit those we love again. I may be an introvert, but this damn pandemic has worn me down. I saw the other day an analogy that we’re all feeling like when you walk down the aisle in an airplane. Everyone is stressed, and walking carefully, and we don’t want to bump our stress into someone else’s because we’re all at wit’s end.

I’m trying to concentrate on the positive, but some days it is awfully hard work to find it. But I keep working towards that goal.

Until next week – take care of yourselves.