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Avoiding a Case of the Mondays

While my job is not strictly 9-5, Monday through Friday, it’s still easy to get lost in the Mondays, because the rest of the world still operates that way. Best way I’ve found to keep myself from being diagnosed with it is to keep myself busy. And that is something I can’t really complain about it.  I mean, of course, I can, but I’d rather keep my mind limber and keeping busy is a part of that.

This isn’t busy to the point of my life being hell (which, it has a tendency to do all on its own… it doesn’t need a helping hand). This is just keeping myself from ruminating on things that I don’t need to. Like things I said when I was younger.

Right now I’m arguing with websites, and it’s not even my own code, so I can’t take the blame for it. But it’s irritating. To make a change, have the website acknowledge it, and then boom, back to the wrong thing inside of five minutes?  Yeah. That’s frustrating. Also, bad moods brought to you by Adobe products.

But, I am busy, and I’m not going to really gripe about that. In an ideal world I’d have time and energy for everything. But right now I need to keep busy and not worry about external issues that I can’t do anything about.