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Being a Planner

It has been a while, but I am finally able to sit down and get things organized. One thing that I have found that has helped me immensely is planning. Whether that be with a digital planner or a good old paper version, it helps me and my executive dysfunction issues.

I’ve always been good at organization as a teen and into adulthood. I can organize things very well. It took many years to get myself to that point, but I am able to enjoy it now.

With so many things coming up, I’ve found that I’m sitting down and using those planners to outline how I’m going to be doing with my podcasting and video game streaming. One thing I’ve understood for a long time is that consistency is important, but so is flexibility.

A planner helps me to get organized and stay motivated. It helps break things down from what seems like huge insurmountable tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. Being able to check off that I’ve finished those chunks gives me satisfaction and that satisfaction keeps the motivation going.

So far I’ve got plans to do two podcasts a week, and stream three days. This isn’t set into stone yet, and I as I said before – flexibility is just as important as consistency. I don’t want my podcast to become an online journal. There are many blogging platforms for that type of thing.

While I’m working on getting my own podcast on the air, I want to give a shoutout to two of my friends – Julie and Renée – who have their own podcast – Ravage Love. Check them out!

And in this spate of planning, I also have included writing here and working on the novels that I want to get done. The pandemic has slowed things down, but while it’s slower, there is still progress to be made.